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Side Table CBT–45 E II

Contemporary handmade mapl burl wood side table with resin


Maple Burl, Epoxy Resin
L 300 mm x W 300 mm x H 450 mm
L 11,81 in x W 11,81 in x H 17,71 in

Handcrafted acrylic glass embedded with wood trunk that is sized used as a side modern coffe tables or seating or as an occacional stool or display pedestal, works just as well in a country interior or a modern loft. Cut, sanded and hand polished to perfect transparency. The combination of acrylic and rarewood is real technical feat. The wood with high-quality Acrylic is characterised by a textural constrast between the natural and man-made finishes. Inside, one roads the history of the heated floting woods, shaped according to the currents. This collection is torrent, a piece of river cought by time, a living water stopped in its impetus. A story where each branch is beautiful and unique.