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Office Table NBT-210E

Contemporary handmade solid walnut office table with resin

Solid Wood (Walnut), Live Edge, Epoxy Resin
50 mm (1,96 in) solid walnut wood
Table frame
Wonderful design table frame made of stainless steel.
L 2140 mm x W 1000 mm
L 84,10 in x W 39,30 in

These works are hand-cast resin surfaces over free-form wood sculptural bases. The resin is slowly handcast, allowing the liquid resin to respond to the wood form beneath, and the result is the creation of this sinuous, sensuous, undulating, organic form. They encapsulate the quality of making, the diversity of unique and innovative wood working processes and represent his expressive design. Each piece is hand-crafted and yet designed with a specific and practical purpose that would give a refined and elegant character to a office room. Organic sculptural table forms have been specifically designed for your office.