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Handmade Iznik Vase IV-50

Tree of Life


H 500 mm , W 300mm
H 19,68 in x W 11,81


Iznik vase decorated with Tree of Life pattern. A unique work composed of quartz and quartzite . Original hand made Iznik vase , on a very clean white base with hard backs and underglazed decorations in a unique technique .. Its beauty arises from the harmonious composition of three successive quartz layers and a paste-slip-glaze combination which is extremely difficult to bring together. The mixture of quartz, clay and glaze disperses in a very wide thermic spectrum at 900 centigrade. After painstaking research, the problem of the fluctuating thermal behaviour of the Vase due to their quartz and rock crystal composition is solved. The result is a Vase made primarily out of a semi-precious stone : quartz